You know,  what you are connected to. You are connected to the world, to others, and  your self. You know this because you sense it. You can see, hear, taste, feel and smell it.  This sensation is a flow of data. There is essentially three sources of data that come into your awareness; data coming from the world, data coming from others, and from the self. Loosely speaking, these channels have grown to be called science, meditation, and business. Place yourself in the center of these things.


Science is a good spirit looking for truth. It is the act of looking upon God's creation for answers. This is good because the creator speaks to us through the world. The creation is a message, essentially a word. But  science is imperfect because we have the idea that science must always be objective.  So, it can never model the subjective experience, the spirit of life. Our science leads us to knowledge but never fully to enlightenment. 


 Meditation, self reflection, and contemplative prayer is a good spirit looking for truth.  You shed the baggage of ego. Ultimately, you become selfless and streamlined down to your essence. You sense the miracle of being. And you become aware of your infinite nature.  Intuition and feelings well up from a source within. But, the problem is, you are not alone in this world and life is competitive.  After thousands of years of contemplative prayer we still have hunger and wars, because the loving path of contemplation is an inner path and a movement away from human relationship. 


  Business is essentially about relationships; how we live and grow together. It is how we provide for our needs and, what someone should get in return their works. The problem is, today's business is a competitive animal concentrating on material needs. It is not tuned to satisfying our spiritual potential. 


It is easy to make the mistake of heading down one of these paths and ignore the others.  But, ignorance is a disconnection...So Ignorance dies. For the sake of humanity it is absolutely essential that spirituality is empowered by science which is empowered by business, which is empowered by spirituality. A threefold cord is not quickly broken.  A good strategy is to remain open minded and to make a deep connection to all the aspects of existence.  This ultimately leads to selfless love. Love is the most powerful and lasting connection a being can make.  Love is expressed when you give your full attention, your time, and your focus to someone or something. Here is the fundamental connection between science spirituality and the meaning of life;   Love is a mode of understanding. It is uniting. It is spiritual.  To know something is to love it and to love something is to know it. With this truth we can make way for our salvation.