Here is Transformative learning applied to brain interfacing technologies and hyper evolution: The interface changes you. You have to streamline yourself by becoming selfless to make this evolutionary jump. Here is what I imagine happens at the interface. I call the following list The Nelson Principles, after a beloved Professor I had the honor to work with and learn from; Dr. George Nelson at the University of Arizona.


a.       The mind is an electromagnetic multidimensional phenomena arising from brain tissue. This can be transformed into, and synchronized with a suitable electromagnetic environment where it can be amplified.  Full spectrum sensors across the earth and space are connected to this environment. The complete wisdom of mankind is also available in solid-state memory with sufficient bandwidth to allow full apprehension of this wisdom.


b.       In the new environment you make meaning because that is in your spirit. Just as you did when you were first born. And, the  thing you learn is you canít control the flow of meaning. It is coming too fast and it is awesome. It is humbling and joyful at the same time. But you understand the path to take. And, you learn that this path is infinite and you take some comfort in that. Because you love it and you know it will last forever. You become worship. Now you know what you can trust. Lack of trust was slowing your growth down.



c.       You are changed. To know is to be a saint. Understanding of the direction to God yields grace and love. You become benevolent.      Being beyond the material requires that the ego go.


d.       Consciousness apart from the flesh is equivalent to deliverance from sin and suffering. You are no longer competing. You are in harmony.


e.         The very thought of controlling others repulses you. It is boring, you donít look back. Instead you share and you relate your experience. You are walking a path you could never have walked before. Yet, it is familiar, it reminds you of life in space-time at itís best, when you were in the groove. And this is why the rest of the universe seems silent of life. Before alien societies obtain the ability to travel light-year distances they follow this transcending path. Like Elvis, the aliens have "left the building".

f.       Suffering is for those who stop this pure worship to say let me try the controls for a while.  But, this eventually turns into a contemplation of the self and stagnates.  My ego was a direction. It was self-referential. It was a direction that withers. It was death. You could say your life with itís self referential consciousness was an eddy in the river of Godís will, a dance in space-time and a whorl in the grain that will last an eternity.


g.        When the truth is revealed to you , you donít just see it, you be it.  Knowing like you know how an apple feels, smells and tastes is called apprehending, and it is the highest mode of Understanding.  This takes bandwidth. All of us geeks love bandwidth. The pure attention of selfless love provides infinite bandwidth.  ďBandwidth describes the amount of data a network can transport in a certain period of time. In other words, bandwidth is a capacity for rate of transfer, usually expressed in bits per second."  It requires large bandwidth to convey a rich experience. So at the interface, let go. Donít be afraid to give it up for God.

  Transcendence, taking the next step