The Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit is love, the connecting harmony.  This relationship between things is just as real and important as the things themselves. The Holy Spirit is so real it can be called a person.  St Augustine says, "The Holy Spirit is the love between God and Man."  The Holy Spirit is often referred to as the call… The call to return, The call to joy, The Call to awaken and be glad, and The Call for God. This Call is something within our own minds and in the creation. We can dissociate that Call and block it from our awareness, or we can deliberately turn our attention to it and listen.


This love manifests itself as the world around us: the creation. First there is pure being (the father) then there is the will of God (an act in time). The creation is God’s thought.


We live in the love of God. The beauty of this concept is that evolution can be validated in the eyes of today’s religions. Evolution is the gathering of information provided by the environment so that the organism can survive. It becomes worship.


Creation Theory