The path to God is wide as we are different. And, the path to God converges on his calling. Where can we find God's full signal?  The answer: In His Temple. Then where is his temple? It is where God is worshipped. Jesus says worship God in Spirit And Truth.  Spirit and truth is the temple.


First, The temple is a state of mind; respect truth, value truth, receive truth gratefully.  Love truth.  In this way love is a pure and noiseless signal and perfect reception. No lies, no confusion.  It is perfect interaction with his call.


Second, worship God in spirit.  React to the call. The spiritual aspect of the temple is creative actions. Your actions stand forever, leaving an eternal trace in space and time.


It should be no secret, sense the message. Understand the word of God. Make meaning of it and apply it. With the same measure you use it, it will be measured to you. And to you who hear more will be given. Expect exponential spiritual growth. (Mark 4:21-31)


So, worship God with perfect interaction and reaction. What if we are not perfect? Forgive and grow. Such is the spiritual life. The graphic below sums it up. 



Rewards of Convergence