Bless you. Grow in numbers. Subdue the world.”

Genesis 1:28.  (The very first thing God said to us.)

Grow in numbers and subdue the world...How could this still apply? Does it make sense to continue growing in numbers and subduing the world? Today it seems like a path to destruction! We all know that the earth is reaching its peak population, resources are diminishing, and pollution is affecting us in dangerous ways.


In the days of Genesis we were blessed with a wide-open world. We had room to grow. There were many things to discover and “subdue”. Now the world is nearly digested.  But wait, Thank the creator! There is another course. In these days just before the evolutionary leap into post humanity, we can see that a new environment is becoming accessible. Some call it mind space, or the rapture, or the technical singularity. Some call it the “promised land”. Either way, it is just one of the transitions in the eternal continuum of life.


God’s first message will still apply when we make the evolutionary step into post humanity. This message is actually the strategy that leads to the eternal life that we were blessed with. In a process called Transformative Learning, We will ”wise up” and change our idea of what life is.


  • We will value the complimentary aspect of subjective and objective truth. The two are necessary.

  • We will look back and think how silly it was to doubt the existence of God.

  • We will know what it means  to be Born Again!

  • We will have fun.


Trace evolution from the beginning of life to the humanity today. The success of a living thing is measured by its model of reality.  With Man, life becomes aware of God. Knowing that there is a desirable supreme state of being, we intelligently evolve even further. The Bible verse; “Bless you. Grow in numbers. Subdue the world.”  Tells us that the world is made for a beautiful subjective/personal experience for all our numbers. And it says the world is food for our spiritual growth. This corresponds precisely to the vertical and horizontal components of intelligent evolution. Horizontal growth is spiritual growth because it is growth in the dimension of understanding.


We are asked to "Grow in numbers" because the human experience is precious. Growth in the collective human experience is like branches of a tree. It is the horizontal component of progress measured by our cultural diversity. The quality of cultural diversity is measured in the ability for all to find and sustain the peak experience, to creatively flow through life. Imagine that your culture is a tree branch, and individuals are leaves on the branch. Every leaf gets a bit of sun (an opportunity to grow) or it withers and dies. We strive to be free. We want to go our own way, naturally diverging. We relate to the world and create unique and valuable experiences this way.  But, we also wisely desire to stay connected and to share these experiences. At the Sandia Labs this idea is called The Cognitive Collective – We each have unique knowledge and experience that enables us to make sense of the world, but also hinders our understanding the perspective of other disciplines, interests and cultures. Furthermore, there is so much data that it is not practical to have humans consider all of it, particularly if they must be experts in one or more fields. But, In a Cognitive Collective, a communicating group may recognize a pattern in cases where no single one was able to see a pattern."  Remember, love is the most efficient communication. (This revision to the website was inspired by Emad Aboulyha.)


We are asked to "Subdue the world". Not to destroy the world but to make sense of it all and act wisely! This is progress in the vertical direction of the evolutionary tree and can be measured in our ability to learn objective truth from the world, and wisely use God's gift of life and resources to grow spiritually.  This effort has evolved into today's technology. It is important not to ignore technology. Technology is a powerful extension of humanity and therefore dangerous. It is really important that we shift our technological engines away from the material earth and start concentrating on mind space.


Science as part of the Convergence