The Health of the Attention Economy

The health of the attention economy can be measured in the types of advances we make in communication education and research as well as the advances listed below in “How we are building the Interface”. Good information should be readily available to all.  A wise society would recognize the components of the attention economy and help it grow. Along with the Dow Jones Industrial Average you would see The Information-Attention Economy Index. Its growth and potential profit should not only be fantastic, in theory it should be infinite. 


This growth is natural. It is good. It is the will of God. But there is a disease. Some still believe that “knowledge is power to control others” and they will do whatever is necessary to restrict access to key information. You know this is true you see it where you work.  But don’t worry they are ignorant. They act out of fear and do not understand they are trying to hold back the infinite power of God. Ignorance dies. It is a narrow gate. 


The act of trying to learn and understand is worship. In a free society you have the right to worship. In reality your education, and the components of the Attention economy are a religion and should not be subject to taxes.  This worship is a good thing. It is inevitable. We do it naturally.  Progress is certain to continue.  It is the “Groove” and the meaning of our lives, to learn, to order, to create, and to make things better for the next generation. Knowing God makes evolutionary sense.  Knowing the way, Gods will, is handy for survival. It is even dangerous not knowing God’s will. Again, It is a narrow gate. 


The Information Economy