How can God create the universe from beginning to end, know its outcome, and still allow for our free will? 


Imagine that the will of God is like a river and we are water molecules in that river. You, the individual water molecule move about in EVERY direction reacting freely to pressures of life. And you never notice that the river flows down stream. One passionate molecule may shout; "Hey this is the way (he points somewhere down stream). Follow me. If we converge we will become an intelligent super-fluid and there will be no pressures!"  It doesn't  matter if you follow him or not, even if he is exactly right. The river still flows and it is ok to relax and go for the ride.  Your experience is precious. But, be ready for a fountain of re-creation on the other side of eternity. 


Here is an interesting theory; The picture above represents the genesis of the world in six days. God the father is at the center. Let there be light is the first day of the creation.  God transcends his creation of space and time so these days are best seen as six degrees of order instead of 24 hour days. Each "day"  transcends the previous day as a new level of order is imposed on previous day through God's intervention. During each day there is an amount of life-willed self-ordering. This self-ordering is the result of the Holy Spirit. On the sixth day the conscious mind of man was created by God (I define a human as someone aware of God and the miracle of being). Near the end of this day a holy man came to show us the way (through his life) to the next level of transcendence. And he said,


"All this I have spoken while still with you. But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

John 14:25

 So pay attention. On the this day we are left to work out our salvation. And in our scientific efforts driven by the Holy Spirit we validate our wise spiritual heritage.


The essence of the creation


Looking closely at the world, it reveals itself to the scientist as warped space. There are no particles. Matter is a myth. What we call a fundamental particle of matter is a point of empty space curved upon itself in 10 dimensions, and vibrating. This is the stuff of the universe we exist in, and of which you are made.  Imagine the music of invisible crystal bells vibrating.  So atoms excite the universe to a symphony.  The sound waves in this picture are in reality the forces of nature. Forces arise from waves of displaced space radiating back and forth between objects. Spiritually speaking, the forces of nature are the will of God.  Science calls the forces Gravity, Electromagnetism, and the Nuclear force.  From these attractive and repulsive forces (the vibrating symphony) an ordering principal arises to create the universe, life, and the mind of man.  God creates in a beautiful subtle way.  The natural world is a song, and God is the one singing.


Understanding our World


U-Guys! View of the Universe and Creation