Are there Limits to our Understanding?


We do not limit ourselves and God does not limit us, but we are up against a wall. The instruments available to the scientist allow him to probe the unseen. The data we receive from particle accelerators and telescopes is patterned into theories of a strange world.  The reality revealed by today’s science is fundamentally alien to the human mind and defies all power of direct visualization.  The models we construct in our mind of a singularity or curved space are inadequate, they serve to fix a topic in our minds rather than inform us as to how the physical world really is. Richard Feynman (the father of quantum electro-dynamics) says no one understands quantum mechanics.  We cannot understand completely the concepts of INFINITY, TIMELESSNESS, and DIMENSIONS beyond what we observe in our own environment. To move to the fourth dimension, or space-time, in our thinking, requires mathematical models.


This is the wall of mystery as it stands today. What hope do we have of ever understanding the infinite, extra dimensions, or timelessness if our minds are just not able to grasp these concepts? 

A living thing is conditioned to exist and grow.


Understanding the laws of nature increases a living thing's chance to exist and grow.  

Science is the systematic process of understanding nature.  


Technology is the application of our understanding of nature to better adapt to our environment.


        Convergence with Spirituality