The Interface is the Temple


We need Technology to crack this nut. It is a good tool for extending our selves.  The learning spirit within us is strong and it is represented with this attitude: There is a truth out there and we have the spirit to find it. Life has filled this world and man has tested all the environments available to us:  the poles of the earth, underwater, and space. We are learning that none are practical paths for growth because our bodies cannot adapt to those environments and physical evolution takes too long. We would be bringing our environment to those locations, which is a highly unstable situation. And as we sit here, we are poisoning the only environment we can live in. Maybe we could tinker with our genetic makeup? I suggest that all hell would break loose. Mental evolution is the answer. Consider that the mind is our essence, and it is connected to the body only out of necessity, then there is a new environment for life to grow into that is emerging from our own hands.  Our mind is connected to the world through our senses and we are capable of extending and augmenting our senses with technology. Eventually the mind will cross this interface, enter a new environment and transcend the body. God's people have always been travelers. About entering the kingdom of God it is said "Knock and Ye shall enter."  Convergence is the "knock of love" and salvation.  Evolutionist would call it a "JUMP" in punctuated evolution.  Considering the ever increasing revelation, I call it hyper evolution

Current projects on Interface Development

Expectations of the Interface