A non-biological approach to life that has also yielded stunning results over the last few years is the one based on information and directly influenced by Cybernetics and Information Theory. Life is viewed as information capable of replicating and modifying itself. http://www.thymos.com/tat/biology.html


There is no doubt we are growing to understand the world and each other at a rapid pace.   An elegant way of looking at the outcome of this positive growth is that we are converging on a new kind of social unity, or Singularity. I call it a Social Singularity and define it as transcendence to an eternal and accelerating growth of understanding.  A social singularity is the natural outcome of life in this world. Please consider how this can come about;


A living thing is conditioned to exist and grow.


Understanding the laws of nature increases a living thing's chance to exist and grow.  

Science is the systematic process of understanding nature.  


Technology is the application of our understanding of nature to better adapt to our environment.


"In the end, all technology is prosthesis, the extension and augmentation of existing biological and informational capabilities. We put eyeglasses in front of our eyes to bring the world into focus, telescopes and microscopes to see those realms which our unaided eyes cannot fathom. We use remote sensors to explore the planets, and these are all extensions of the senses we have. All of our systems of writing and of calculation are similarly extensions of memory systems and logical operations that we can perform in our minds. Similarly the technological implements that carry us from one place to the next, or that grow our food for us, or that keep us warm are but extensions of our own bodies' effectors." - Peter Cariani  

Through computer and sensor evolution our technological tools are turning into a place where we can extend our senses to better understand the word of God. This is a spiritual process known as natural revelation.  Technology is a place to expand your mind, and find truth, for those who wish it. There is talk of uploading our minds into this environment and living forever. Technology is opening the door to a new ecological niche. This is not a plastic virtual reality. It is God's creation in high resolution and amplified. The doors of perception are opening.


It seems like transcendence really is at hand. Check out the Transhumanism movement to see how some folks are speculating on, and actually trying out possible transcending paths. Then check out the various Singularity Watch Internet sites to see what some futurist think is happening with technological growth.  It reminds me of how we were looking for ways to fly in the early 1900s. I remember watching the films of crazy “meant to fly” contraptions flopping around in the dirt. Eventually we got it right and went to the moon. Now, there are still plenty of crazy ideas out there, but I have faith that one of them will get off the ground. And then we will bridge the gap between man and reality. 


Lets say we really could transcend our flesh body using the technology of the near future. What about our soul? There isn't much being said about the spiritual aspects of this exponential technological growth. Every movie or book I have read on this subject is rather scary. Scary sells.  So let me provide a comforting metaphor for what I think is really happening. You could look at it this way: engineers build a church as a place of worship. They build roads to the church. They design modern modes of transportation for getting to the church. Then it is up to us to get to the church and use it in the spirit of love. This technology is just another church, a place to worship. The kingdom of God is within us all, so these technologies are expanding the environment. Yes there will be challenges but God is all powerful love. You can do no wrong when the spirit of love, the  Holy Spirit is with you. And, It is said; "If you are trying to save your life for any other reason than love, you will lose it." There is one way to life and truth. This wisdom is eternal. It takes love. 


Dr. Alex Alaniz has written an essay on how our advancing technology will  challenge our society in the coming years. Go to this link and you will see how a loving culture is necessary for our survival.  

Mappling God's Plan using Science

Using Science to create an Interface