Singularity Religion

Where Love Rules and Ignorance Dies

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Love in Action in the Technical World

Technically, love can be seen as the process of connecting. The product of the love process is understanding. If the process is efficient and sustained, understanding increases exponentially.  Peace allows unwavering attention so that the love process can establish a clear connection. At the heart of the process; symbols, words, and feelings are ordered into meaning. But meaning is not static, it grows. Forgiveness is important to the spiritual growth process because it establishes an exhaust for misunderstanding and disorder.  With this truth we transcend. 

   This website is dedicated to an exciting prospect; In the coming years we will  be able to apply the full power of technology  to spiritual growth and so enter a state of hyper evolution. There will be a safe and rational path to continually diminishing hardship, and eternal life.  God's will in this matter is revealing itself in today’s quickening changes imposed by the forces that guide our society; science, technology, spirituality, and even economicsHumanity is about to merge with what is called the Technical Singularity and so transcend this world. It seems the bible prophecies will come to pass and the "Antichrist" will fully manifest, so be careful which path you choose...





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Singularity Religion: Christian Transhumanism